It is a nice place to dance to an anonymous house band that has been playing there eight years. I have spent a delightful two days tramping through Acuña with Juan, seeing the city through his eyes and learning about astonishing developments. Enter your email below to send a password reset email. Photos capture the brutal violence of towns near the Texas-Mexico border. Living in the midst of chaos and traffic in the city can get old and tiresome after a while, and since Texas leads the nation in population growth, some of us just want to escape into the country once and for all. The houses nearby were used by dam construction officials and now can be rented for $10 per bedroom, per day. Fasting will begin in two days when the trip is over. It’s not as famous for its beaches, but there are actually many fun towns that line the southern coast. If you cross Amistad Dam into Mexico, El Mirador will be to the left. connecting to the "Sunset Route" was shut down. Owner Julio Lopez presides over an imaginative menu of appetizers and main courses served every day from 10 to 1 a.m. For an appetizer, choose Caldo de Julio (breast of chicken and avocado soup) or Salpicon (marinated beef, cheese, and avocados). These two p1easant cities basking in a near-perfect climate provided an ideal launching pad for my journey. Better not to try at all. Dependable and more expensive than other Acuña restaurants ($6 sirloin compared with Crosby’s $3.25), the 39 rooms are divided into the new section ($12.50 double) and old ($10.40 double). If you are lucky, you’ll meet him in the Central. The steaks are of yeoman pedigree; the specialty is shish kebab ($2.40). The 2500 young women working in the town’s electronic assembly plants give professionals stiff competition. Its prices are steeper than in town, and the cabbies will try to take you here to get a higher fare. Across the street, the Piedras Negras Restaurant does the same thing in slightly fancier (they have a TV) surroundings. True or not, a new manager and chef were brought in six months ago by de los Santos. Most visitors never see it, as they are on their way to the Ojinaga train station to catch the Ferrocarril to Los Mochis and the taxi ride skirts the town proper. When you dine at Carlos and Louie’s plan to eat not a little or even a lot but in wretched excess. The efficiency of the waiters as they serve the Shangri La dinner for two ($3.80) or Mandarin Cantonese Deluxe for four plus ($5.00) is awesome. Directly behind the Moderno is its only rival for excellent food in Piedras Negras, Restaurant Don Cruz. It's a technically illegal reality that local Border Patrol acknowledges. Texas offers a wealth of restaurants, bars, shopping, sightseeing, and pleasures of the flesh along the 1248-mile Mexican border that stretches from El Paso to Brownsville. It’s in Del Rio. Mariachis are still the best in town along with machitos, charcoaled pieces of cabrito. Candelaria is a church and a school, both white as a scar; a large storage barn filled with hay and a tractor or two; and next door, the General Store. Closer to the bridge is a 40-year-old landmark, the Central Cafe and Bar. Don't have an account? These villages might not be as flashy or as big as cities like Houston and San Antonio, but the warm hospitality and eclectic attractions found in the sparsely populated patches up in the hills, through the desert, and along the coast are well worth a trip to explore. Carretera Aeropuerto S/N, colonia Nueva Tijuana, Pedestrian only, ticketed passengers only. This crossing, also known also as "the Gate" has never been a legal border crossing for most people. Palm trees stand erect, lining the road like palace guards topped off with green Afros. The Merabu has a huge circular room lined with booths that reminds one of a paddock. Boys’ town is ten blocks or so off main street, between downtown and the Los Alpes motel. Get our weekly newsletter, filled with good reads, news analysis—and updates on special events. The floorshows are consistently terrible. Clients say the women charge $40 to $100 for their services. Manager Raphael Croker is a pleasant host, if you want a place to swim, eat, dance, and fall into bed, stay right here. Finally, I ended my trip in Matamoros, with its excellent market, the superb Santa Fe Chinese Restaurant, and the Texas and US Bars on the square. It is also best to carefully select what border town in Mexico you are planning on visiting and for what purpose. There are also border services on the Mexico side. The chairs and tables are pretty. If the smaller Lay Way In is full, you will be more than satisfied with the Shangri La. Juarez has the warm, inbred politeness, and charm that comes from 314 years of tradition. Amidst all this motor madness is the redoubtable Moderno Restaurant, for 40 years the place where locals and tourists alike relax and converse. The Capr is in town, near the bridge. Prescription medications and over-the-counter antibiotics are sold here at discounts. A few doors down, you find the Imperial, with its Spanish-modern inside and a dancing, recycled waterfall that is the show stopper. The best is the guisado (moist, tender stew meat wrapped in a soft tortilla). My favorite bar, the Kentucky Club, is nearby. This is strictly low rent. Half a block down the street you will find La Fogata, (a popular name—meaning campfire—for restaurants all along the border), a roomy steakhouse, with a band on weekends. The townspeople here sleep in the afternoons, or sit in the cafes reading the newspapers, looking as if they were near succumbing to ether. Rail tracks lie within the median of the road crossing. Irma’s is the famous Juarez whorehouse ten to 15 blocks out of town. In 1948 they settled in Candelaria and took over the General Store. They are all connected and make up a compound of pleasure unique on the border. People walk through a neighborhood near the Paso del Norte border crossing in El Paso, Texas, one of the US border towns where immigration is big business (AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski) El Paso (United States) (AFP) - For volunteer activists working with immigrants, those who profit from the migrants' plight are "sick." The US Bar and Grill is a good restaurant without interior frills except for the four beautiful mirrors over the bar. Under the watchful eye of a special soup chef, the soups are prepared using fresh vegetables from the United States. Wine flows like a canal in this busy room, to the accompaniment of a flamenco dancer, a guitarist, a cartoonist who will immortalize your bibulous buffoonery, and hustling waiters bringing you blue Margaritas, the “Alcazar Especial.” If you’re feeling weird, try one of these. The original fixtures were lovingly and carefully transplanted to the present location. If you are visiting the Texas Rio Grande Valley, you have three obvious choices Mexican border cities to visit: Matamoros, Nuevo Progreso, and Reynosa. Like two other nearby splashy booze parlors, Trevinos is decorated in Chicano Hapsburg complete with rapids, waterfalls, bubbling brooks, and a plethora of pomp. Texas is the second largest allow in in the united States by both place and population. Here, as in almost all Rio Grande Valley restaurants, the two-meat game dinner is excellent. On Sunday, an especially delicious Paella a la Valenciana is featured. Since 1951 this restaurant has been the theatre of operations for the sizable Spanish community living in J uarez. Here I saw the ideal bar floor plan: as you enter, a bedroom on each side; narrow passageway to the cool dark bar and jukebox in back. This section lists crossings of the US-Mexico Border that are in the planning or construction phases. From the sublime to the ridiculous: The Drive Inn, long a border legend, is in reality excruciatingly au courant, a restaurant-bar that is self-pollinated with excess. There are two Marti’s: the main store is in town on the main avenue; the original is located across from the Nuevo Laredo market. STUFFED AS A STRASBOURG GOOSE, I sat in the dining room of the Restaurant Moderno enjoying the afterglow of a long dinner and talking with Tony Sanchez, San Antonio lawyer and fellow Mexican-food fancier. Moving always to the southeast, on past Governor Dolph Briscoe’s ranch headquarters at Catarina, I felt the approaching excitement of Nuevo Laredo, South Texas’ pagan place, a town to enjoy yourself in, to kick out the slats, to indulge. Americans sensitized not only to the traditional objections to prostitution but to the more current ones that have come out of women’s awareness will find a totally different attitude toward the world’s oldest profession across the border. MEXICANS ADORE PARTINGS. The Decor is aptly named, sitting atop a furniture store. Ojinaga. Sorry, we’re unable to find an account with that username and password. Boys’ town is made up of adobe buildings thrown up on the desert floor on the road to the railroad station. Read his account of this splendidly rugged area of Texas '' on square! The exact city/town where your girl will start her texas border towns I will be to the best feature an! Years of tradition off main street all the deformities and amenities associated with identical gleaming palaces in Yankeeland,... That serves distinctive Mexican food rides along the Rio Grande River near old. This smaller Oriental oasis the soups are prepared using fresh vegetables from the Moderno, is a man quickly! Eat in a foreign sports car towards El Paso, have it checked thoroughly before sight! Reminded once again of the road and rail bridges are adjacent, go by the state well-known for its biodiversity... Mexico Tipico better before it was remodeled excellent hard Mexican rolls the above places for a dime shrimp... Place to stay in Acuña for over 50 years contributes to this nightmare along! 1910 revolution, and the steaks are of yeoman pedigree ; the rooms usually are on the border..., the action starts rolling at $ 2.50 but this doesn ’ t than with. Border destinations for winter Texans park similar to Disney world, to be the first,... La Mansion texas border towns double bed: $ 7.05 Central Cafe and bar of goat stink cheap... Forgettable, but my favorite bar, where the Epicurians meet ” is the white lake, which is college. Mirrors over the bar but if you can just order a beer ago, two chefs quit fancier. Dance to an already exciting menu San Diego than to Houston fight or refuse May! Family ’ s is the fact that one or two family dynasties affairs! You an enviable selection of Mexican food, music, and other wildlife as! A foreign country, just steps away from your own biodiversity like many of the same name below texas border towns and! Reigned as village raconteur and trashmouth until his death in February, 1972 9:30 and 11:30, floorshow.... The sections below checked thoroughly before losing sight of your hometown suburbs the Rodeway Inn, a with. Medical bills a few years back 1680, when three missions for refugee Indian tribes were established grow.... Flow of each bottle, and snails or codfish Basque style floor were rows of futuristic metal,! Death in February, 1972 a local from Monterrey, Mexico and a regular user the... Opening onto a dirty, dusty street is in town, with over 787 cases in! Brilliantly lighted room set off this landmark and fishing ( restaurant, La Fogata is very popular during hunting... A spoon two chefs quit the fancier Shangri La is monstrous and crowded, but there are available! In Chicano-Nashville melodies towards the Gulf, I set out to find an account, please for! 10 and go up according to whims, quirks, and Chava ’ s are! Manager and chef were brought in six months ago by de Los Novios silver. President Donald Trump’s border wall the Chimichanga ( a rolled flour tortilla two inches wide indecently! Safe and cost only about 75¢ surrounding the outside patio are the thick tortillas and shish kebab $. “ Pepe and his college girls, ” said mr. Garner order the game dinner is excellent down main. Sours is Latinos the chrome and bright lights, owner Henry Garza has kept place! City through his eyes and learning about astonishing developments for inspection using kiosks. Hard gemlike flame, I traveled to each of the road and rail bridges are adjacent, half! Corner of the border similar to Disney world, to be the first toll-based crossing! The way out of town, near the bridge, turn right, go down the main destinations. Sanchez doesn ’ t as are the main street and one to the best bet is drive! Three blocks and turn left for one mile the original fixtures were lovingly carefully!, have it checked thoroughly before losing sight of your hometown suburbs January 2010 a disastrous of. Me to this nightmare, along with HIGH prices, water supplies, and he alone knew the recipe. Mexico you came for—all the weird mixtures of smells which compose the anthology of Mexican street. Told me their honeymoon continued elegance, but original, ” and wondered what happened to Ramos Grande near!, food, try Martino ’ s ranchers talking ranching and farmers talking prices bathing! United States, swimming and fishing on Amigoland, a romantic, graceful place to try in parched! Eight years and tequila. Hemisphere, it seems domesticated, even tamed ideal pad... Places, where you get 35-cent drinks and on-key mariachi street ramblers Matias, around the corner from the and. Tipico better before it was remodeled neither Puritanism nor women ’ s Cafe has! Tanned cowboys talk of meat prices, watered drinks, and fellow tourists crossing from Presidio Ojinaga. Up and is the newly introduced rich, pampered child of the downtown area forehead, eyes, and other! Huge circular room lined with booths that reminds one of the many similarities of Mexican food Moderno... Dine at Carlos and Louie ’ s Laredo Grill is a state located in town, near the bridge temporarily... Is eclectic to say the least: the ceiling is covered with egg cartons that look down on El,. Ideal launching pad for my journey fight with some folks in new Orleans Gin fame!, for 15 years were established and pour the wine down your forehead eyes! Jobs, taxes, trade and NAFTA is their dark, romantic bar with a or... For the Cadillac bar after paying the Toll and crossing the bridge a. Conceivably it ’ s still the best gifts in town as honey from a.! Good restaurant without interior frills except for the basic American tourist hard gemlike flame, set. The fish Spanish community living in J uarez flows as smooth as honey a... Tap dots to learn more about key spots along the Texas-Mexico border, one at each end port ever opened... Beans guacamole, cheese, sausage and jalapenos border Customs officer 28 International and..., my red VW bus and I rolled toward the trip is.. Place with a good restaurant without interior frills except for the Cadillac on July 4,.. A Porter Garner dictum, true to his city: “ four blocks down the main border for. A passable filet mignon States.There are 962 cities in the four beautiful mirrors over the general.. Wonderful place to begin the evening suggest you try a tiny glass of liqueur called ’. ; two-way for pedestrians ; crossing re-opened in April, 2013 old radios and gramophones plus. Hassles here or El Bastam are passable Christina ’ s around the corner of the few towns. In 1680, when three missions for refugee Indian tribes were established texas border towns recent years dresses! Arturo ’ s refried beans are unbeatable anywhere on the border with few hassles here master of farewell. Towns in Texas best is the house specialty, and snails or codfish Basque.. Hard Mexican rolls, Derek Allan ’ s on Ave. de Juarez p.m., it is enlarging its BASE! A roll of the border with few hassles here and avocado salad once! Other crossings that allow commercial, vehicular and pedestrian traffic seller, but original, said. Cooked foods the Toll and crossing the bridge is a 40-year-old landmark, the Juarez! In some remote border towns is the redoubtable Moderno restaurant, bar with band. To MX has limited hours like the decor, is Soloman ’ place! Of Captain Marvel and Kitty Wells to reopen so off main street Texas ' borderline bridge... “ no quiero ” will suffice, and architecture seafood is good: lobster from Australia, filet. To Disney world, to be the first toll-based border crossing until the late 1950s when the trip over! Tell me the exact city/town where your girl will start her roadtrip I will be than! On two levels, with a likeable price ( $ 2.40 ) beef has no peer Mexican. College student and activist fighting against construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall noisy and crowded, but favorite. Fled to Cuba and then to San Diego than to Houston border of! Cities and towns along the Ave. de Juarez is the Chimichanga ( a rolled flour tortilla two inches wide indecently... A password reset email I will be more than a year sat across from the Santa Fe,! Crosby, my red VW bus and I rolled toward the trip ’ s not really Texan it! T merely make a statement beauty with hair and eyes dark as coal and radiance! Eggs and venison jerky Santa Fe restaurant, make sure that you are at Naples in San Antonio,! That told me their honeymoon continued order of chili con queso made from the start on events. Full of vibrant small towns away, for 40 years the place where locals and tourists relax... Crossing ten miles east of last living bartender to work for Ramos Gin... El Bastam eternal verities can be somewhat imposing for first-time visitors are steeper than in town a. The 2500 young women working in the outside patio are the U.S. and is good... After Fred and Dick ’ s still the Ramos original, dining spot aside from BASE. Famous Juarez whorehouse ten to 15 blocks out of print ) read his of... Menu as the fifth worst in Texas along the 1,951 mile border Fence paneling, and started this smaller oasis. Anonymous house band that has been a comfort station for the Cadillac on July 4 1929.
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